Street & outdoor parking Lighting



Visionware (PTY)LTD

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Design & Construction

V-Light LED is designed with a 6063 Aluminium alloy and extruded to a unique architectural form.

Further processes involve hard anodizing for a seamless finishing, ensuring durability and a high resistance to corrosion.


V-lights unique architectural form allows for optimal cooling with its down facing fin design. This enables the complete unit to run at efficient temperatures even in heavy dusty environments without overhearing and compromising its longevity.


Single 60 watt led

Double 120 Watt LED t-Shape

Technical specification

• Product guarantee: 3 Years

• LED Chip Lumen: 130Lm/Watt

• Delivered lumen: >100Lm/Watt

• L80 – 50,000 Hrs (under laboratory testing conditions)

• Product 100 % refurbishable & maintainable




Available optics